Crushcrete Certified Recycler Program

Roofing companies from around the region can and should take advantage of the program opportunities provided by roofing manufacturers for their participation in Green Roofing. Each company link below offers various marketing tools and support programs for roofers to better compete in their market. Companies who utilize these program benefits to the fullest have a competitive edge amongst those who don’t see the benefit. An increasing amount of consumers today are looking for contractors who are responsible and care about what they do to our environment.

Crushcrete supports those manufacturers who are committed to recycling. For more information of how to best utilize the different programs click on the link below.



For environmentally friendly contractors committed to recycling:

Who is eligible?

A contractor who is certified by one of the “BIG 3” or carries another recycling designation from a nationally recognized program.


How do I sign up?
Call 610-865-2106 for enrollment in the program.


What are the benefits?

• Increase your close rate by utilizing our crushcrete customer letter recommending your services.

• Receive an annual total on amount of shingles recycled each year.

• Each crew member will receive a T shirt and training on source separation.